Company Profile

Ultra Vision is a dynamic Training & Consultancy firm providing quality,flexible,innovative and customized training solutions to our valued customers.We specialize in soft skills,technical trainings,training & development and ISO consultancy services.As an approved training provider by HRDF, we advance to great lengths to ensure our centre has the ability to develop training programmes which meet specific customer requirements rather than limiting choice to standard scope of training.Our focus remains to provide cutting edge training coordinated and presented by experienced facilitators thus ensuring that our approach to learning is both visionary and adequately interactive.

Ultimately,the real value of  attending one of our courses comes to life when the knowledge learned is transferred and applied systematically back in the workplace processes.With eyes firmly fixed on the goal of leading the skills development market,Ultra Vision Training works togetherwith organizations to harness the Power of Potential.

Why Ultra Vision Training

The right training is that which not just provides knowledge but also shares how to use it effectively.Employees of an organization have untapped potential that needs to be embarked to make enough positive impact on the overall organization’s success.Here is why Ultra Vision Training & Consultancy deserve the opportunity to serve your organization.

  • Trainers are highly skilled facilitators and experts on selected subjects
  • Training is tailored to focus on your organization/individual needs
  • Acquired knowledge and skills learned are practical and can be immediately enforced
  • Courses are stimulating,interactive,practical and enjoyable
  • Utilizes psychology and motivation in a more scientific approach to create opportunities for process improvement and enhance skill sets

Ultra Vision Training

Corporate Stratgey


Innovate and learn from best practice and achieve excellence in everything we do.


Working as a unified team,we contribute to the growth and profitability of the company by providing associates with the tools and training necessary for job excellence and carrier advancement.


  • Meet community needs.
  • Develop multiple delivery platforms.
  • Develop training materials according to standard requirements.
  • Generate repeat business.
  • Maintaining our price competitiveness.
  • Meeting the new training requirements timeline.
  • Being a responsive training provider to all our valued customers.
  • Reduce number of complaints from the customers on issues related to training and consultancy services.
  • Continuously develop training in improved method and skills.

 Core Values:

  • Promote lifelong learning.
  • Reward and celebrate success.
  • All learners are supported.
  • Involve all staffs,
  • Support equality of opportunity for trainers and learners.
  • Encourage self-review and continuous improvement.

Corporate Strategy:

ULTRA VISON TRAINING is totally committed to protecting the integrity of our customers by consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations pertaining to training and consultancy.Also maintaining a culture of Continuous Improvement in the process of establishing and maintaining a high level of quality,effectiveness and excellence in all undertaken jobs.

ULTRA VISION TRAINING utilize SWOT analysis to formulate its corporate strategy.SWOT stands for STRENGTHS,WEAKNESSES,OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS.It’s a proven way to identify internal and external factors that impact business productivity and profitability.Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors whereas opportunities and threats are external factors.

Measuring ULTRA VISION strengths is an effective way to formulate business strategies.Capitalizing on existing strengths includes realizing the value of human capital,developing staff and planning workforce models based on trainers’ competencies as well as their capabilities.


Taking action to identify ULTRA VISION weaknesses can thwart competitors attempt to exploit them.Quick strategic planning is required however for remedying weaknesses and turning them into strength or at least converting them from major obstacles to minor weaknesses.


The very act of seeking opportunities is strategic.Identifying potential markets,combined with forward thinking principles is helpful to formulating strategic plans.


Threats are external factors that can hinder success.Business strategy based on identifying the threats by re-evaluating the current trend and developing long term goals.

Quality Policy:

  • Executing training & consultancy services based on a clear understanding of our customer’s needs.
  • Implementing systems and approaches that are capable of providing a high quality of service in a consistent manner.
  • A culture of pro-active communication.
  • A trained and motivated work-force.
  • A realization that our customers are our assets.

The results were stark student enthusiasm for learning declined steadily from kindergarten and 1st grade to 8th grade, dropping from write my college paper about 90 percent to between 30 percent and 40 percent .